Sol La La's exclusive fabric is...

Proudly milled in the United States - just outside of Boston.

Made of eco-friendly beechwood and cotton fibers.

Lightweight, ultra-soft, breathable and cool against your skin. 

UPF rated by an independent test lab according to the AATCC183-2014 test method. Sansol™ is UPF 30+ meaning 97%+ of UVA and UVB rays are blocked from reaching your skin - compared to a typical cotton tee shirt which blocks only 20% of UV rays.

Naturally sun protective. Sansol™ is not chemically treated to block UV rays.

Easy to care for because it's pre-shrunk, wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and tumble dried - we hate hand washing and chemical dry-cleaning.

Sansol™ is what makes the Sol La La collection fabulous everyday, grab-and-go, and travel pieces. When you wear Sansol™ you are free to "step into the sun..." in style, comfort and without worrying about harmful UV exposure.