Sol La La Sponsors the UV Index Report on Fox5 San Diego 

SAN DIEGO, California (July 1, 2017) -- July is UV Awareness month. One way Sol La La is celebrating is by working with San Diego TV station, Fox5, to launch a UV Forecast in their daily on-air and online weather reports. San Diego ranks among the top cities for the greatest number of Extreme UV Index days a year. An Extreme UV Index means skin can burn within minutes of sun exposure. Sol La La is delighted to partner with Fox5 to bring this important information to San Diego residents.


Sol La La Featured on Daytime TV 

NEW YORK, New York (May 14, 2017) -- Daytime TV hosts Jacky and Cyndi talk about their favorite ways to style their sunsmart accessories. Jacky says, "Right now I am loving Sol La La. Their styles are the perfect grab and go solution for fashionable sun protection.  Just like we slip on sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, now we can slip on pretty Sol La La styles that complement our summer outfits AND block 97 percent of UV rays from reaching our skin - without reapplying! Sol La La styles are your fashion alternative to sunscreen. They’re simple, sunsmart and stylish."






Sol La La Women's UPF Fashion Line Awarded
Fair & Fashionable Best Sun Protection Seal

 KANSAS CITY, Missouri (May 1, 2017) -- Fair & Fashionable is kicking off May Skin Cancer Awareness Month by awarding its “Best Sun Protection” seal to Sol La La, a women’s sun-safe fashion brand.


Fair & Fashionable’s goal is to show that real style means celebrating natural skin tones. The organization’s seal recognizes products that offer effective and fashionable sun protection.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S.:

  • On average, one person dies of melanoma every hour
  • Nearly 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each day
  • One-in-five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime

Drs. Molly Menser and Brian Matthys started Fair & Fashionable out of concern for the increase in skin cancer cases among female patients. Fair & Fashionable uses fashion as a platform to encourage daily sun protection and sun tanning avoidance.  

Sol La La offers chic and sunsmart apparel for women seeking sun protection without compromising style. The fashion line and exclusive UPF fabric, SansolTM, are made-in-America from eco-friendly cotton and beechwood fibers resulting in ultra soft, lightweight and breathable fabric that blocks 97% of harmful UV rays.

“Sol La La is thrilled to receive Fair & Fashionable’s ‘Best Sun Protection’ seal to kick off Skin Cancer Awareness Month,” said Abby Auerbach, creator and CEO, Sol La La. “We are committed to women’s fashion sense while protecting them from harmful UV rays. Sol La La styles add sun protection to Sol Sisters’ favorite outfits without having to reapply. Like sunglasses, simply slip on a Sol La La accessory and ‘step into the sun.’ We support Fair & Fashionable’s mission wholeheartedly!”

“Sol La La meets our strict scientific requirements to protect from UVA and UVB rays -- during May Skin Cancer Awareness Month and every day,” said Dr. Molly Menser, president and co-founder, Fair & Fashionable. “Sol La La aligns with Fair & Fashionable’s mission to use fashion to reduce skin cancer. The styles have proven broad spectrum protection while being comfortable to wear and stylish. We applaud Abby’s team for their contributions to the prevention of skin cancer and premature aging. We are delighted to award Sol La La the ‘Fair & Fashionable Best Sun Protection’ seal.”


Abby Auerbach
Dr. Molly Menser 


Dr. Joe Galati Interviews
Sol La La Creator on Sun Protective Clothing

July 11, 2016 - Houston, TX

Dr. Joe Galati interviews creator of Sol La La, Abby Auerbach, about sun safety this on his radio show, "Your Health First." Listeners of Your Health First get FREE SHIPPING with the special promotional code provided on




Women's UPF Fashion Line, Sol La La, 
Launches on Summer Solstice 2016

Made in the U.S.A. Accessories and Apparel 
Provide Women with Stylish Protection from the Sun's Harmful Rays
June 21, 2016, New York, NY: Today, Abby Auerbach, creator and CEO of Sol La La LLC, announced the opening of the eCommerce boutique at "Sol La La was born of my personal desire to enjoy a sun safe outdoor lifestyle without compromising my interest in style, comfort, convenience and natural products," Auerbach said. "That's why the Sol La La tagline is 'step into the sun...' I'm not an athlete and I don't want my personal sun style to be limited to UPF 'atheleisure wear.' I want beautiful, comfortable, sun-smart pieces I can put on and take off as I need, pieces that enhance my style, are grab and go, in my budget and provide excellent UV protection. That's Sol La La!"
Sol La La's limited edition premiere collection is made up of six styles - each piece is uniquely designed to complement women's personal styles and sun protection needs. The collection ranges from the Soma, a modern kerchief, to the Salli, a light weight palazzo pant. There is also the Sqape, Swing, Sol O and Sol La T - nearly all of the pieces can easily be turned and tied in a variety of ways to provide many style and coverage options. Together, the collection provides women with versatility, comfort and UV protection from head to toe.
Sol La La is made in the U.S.A. Its exclusive fabric, Sansol™, is milled in Massachusetts and all Sol La La garments are sewn in New York.
Sansol™ is UPF rated by an independent test lab according to the AATCC183-2014 test method. Sansol™ blocks 97%+ of UVA and UVB rays from reaching the skin, compared to a typical cotton T-shirt which blocks only 20% of UV rays.  Sansol™ is made of beechwood and cotton fibers. It is not chemically treated to block UV rays and it is pre-shrunk, wrinkle-resistant, machine washable and tumble dried.
Auerbach has been developing Sol La La since February 2014. The Sol La La team includes fashion designer Darlene Sullivan, graphic designer Hillary Henrici, stylist / photographer McKenzie Thompson and social media manager Dora Grote. The Sol La La advisory board is made up of Dr. Jacqueline Beer, Debi Feinman, Cathy Hoffman Glosser, Aimee Kaufman and Ellen Rothstein.
"I can't wait for women everywhere to feel Sol La La and 'step into the sun...' with us," Auerbach concluded.