Our Sol Sisters and Sol Mates say it best...

"the only infinity scarf I wear" 

I am a melanoma survivor and never go into the sun unprotected. But, I love summer and spending my time outdoors. It is really a challenge. The Sol O is brilliant! It is so much more than an infinity scarf because it is wide on one end which makes the styling and protection options endless... You should show more ways to wear it on your site. I'll send you some pictures of all the ways I wear my Sol O. I love, love, love it and always carry it with me! -Barbara C.

"perfect grab and go!" 

Now that it’s spring my Sol O goes everywhere with me. It lives in my tote (somehow never wrinkles) and looks great over everything I wear. -Elizabeth G.

"gardening life-saver" 

Can’t wait to get back into my garden! I figured a rose Soma would protect my hair (and happens to match my new gloves). Super pretty! -Leanne L.

"great for new moms!" 

I’m back… this time for an iris Sol La T for my daughter who is a soon-to-be-mom. It’s going to be perfect for breast feeding on a sunny day. -Julie P.

"thoughtful mother's day gift" 

I loved my Sol La La pieces so much last summer that I just sent my mom a Swing for Mother’s Day! She’s lives in Florida so I'm sure she'll wear it all year... can't wait to see how much she loves it! -Sari C.

"easy & creative gift idea" 

The Sol La La gift cards were perfect for my adult daughters. They love these clothes. -Ken S.

"made everything easier" 

This Sol La T is perfect for when I need to take the dog out but feel lazy about sun protection. I just slip it on, pull the sleeves down to prevent sun spots and off we go… thanks Sol La La :) -Emily R.


I’m so careful to apply my kids’ sunscreen at the playground but never my own. Since I've started wearing my Sol La T, I don’t have to worry about sun protection for the whole afternoon. It's. so. easy. I’ll be back for more colors! -Claire M.

"totally effortless scarf" 

OMG! My Sol O is sooooo soft and lightweight, I wear it all the time. -Amy W.

"no more sunscreen!" 

OK, I hate sunscreen...it feels so disgusting-- so now my Sol O does the job! It's super comfy & looks so cute. It’s perfect. -Lindsey S.

"loving lilac" 

My lilac Swing was perfect this summer and now I plan to wear it over leggings in the fall. I never thought about sun protection in the fall before, but I do now! -Joyce A.

"great gift!" 

Gave my boss a Sqape as a gift and she LOVES it! I'll be back to do some serious holiday shopping. -Jo

"congratulations Abby on your smart and beautiful idea!" 

I love my Sol La La tops and pants primarily because how they feel and how versatile and easy they are to wear. Knowing that they filter out the sun's damaging rays is extremely important and I value this. It's an awesome and beautiful clothing line. Thank you for the Sol La La post cards which I will distribute. In the meantime I have been telling friends and will tell my family about Sol La La. Thank you Abby! -Lexi F.

"stylish, protective, and soft!" 

Loved the design, color and fabric (I purchased the indigo Sol La T). So comfortable. Will wear it often! -Audrey S.

"lilac is my new favorite color" 

My daughters talked me into buying my Sol La T in Lilac and now it's my new favorite color! It goes with everything and looks great. My T is so functional and pretty and comfortable - my only problem is I can't decide which front I like best :) -Rose G.


I wear my black Salli pants everywhere. I dress them up and down and love being able to protect my legs with my Salli instead of sunscreen. My dog, King, loves to go for walks during the day when the sun is really strong. Our walks are short, but I have to protect myself because I burn easily. I throw on my Salli (instead of shorts) with a pair of sandals and we're off! I think my next pair will be Lilac :) -McKenzie T.

"super soft surprise" 

My black Swing is my new go to summer run around piece. I threw it on a couple of weeks ago to do a quick errand and it was so soft and comfortable, I wore it all day! Now, it's the first thing I reach for on Saturday morning. It looks great and I can cut down on sunscreen. Love it! -Joan N.


The Soma is exactly what I've been needing for years to protect my hair from the sun! I hate when my hair color oxidizes in the sunshine and by the end of the day at the beach, it's unrecognizable. I also hate when the sun dries out my hair so it almost feels burnt after a day in the sun. Now, I can stay out as long as I like with my hair perfectly protected, yet looking great, with no sweaty hat getting in the way and making me uncomfortable. The Soma is really flattering, I get so many compliments! Go order it now… -Heidi K.

"perfect teachers' gifts!" 

I was out of ideas for teachers' gifts when I learned about Sol La La Gift Cards to the site were perfect for all the female teachers. -Ilene L.

"love my Scape!" 

I had my Scape with me yesterday on a beautiful sunny day. Was so very happy to be able to wear it going from the outside cafe where the sun was really beating on my arms, to a indoor air-conditioned supermarket. SO soft and lightweight it was incredibly comfortable inside and outside! I want more Sol La La clothing! -Debi F.

"pretty and sunburn-free" 

The pictures on the website accurately represent the Swing I purchased and I LOVE it! My Swing is Iris and is really pretty over all my bathing suits. I wore it constantly on a cruise. I looked great, felt great and was totally sun burn free under my Swing. -Louise B.

"surprisingly light-weight and cool" 

I bought my Salli pants because they looked so pretty, but I am delighted at how light weight and cool they are, too! I just love them!! -Linda L.

"versatile and pretty" 

My Sol La T is a really flexible and versatile piece to have in my closet. I’ll wrap it around me because I know it’s both sun protective and light. Its adds style to my casual summer look in the Hamptons and I can’t wait to take it to Florida with me this winter. -Judi L.

"the perfect fashion accessory!" 

My Sol O goes everywhere with me and goes with everything I own. It is my instant scarf, shawl and "hoodie." When I wear a sleeveless dress to work I put on my pretty Sol O as a shawl and walk on the sunny side of the street between meetings. And, when the air conditioning in the office and train is too cold, my Sol O is lightweight, soft and ideal for keeping the chill away. It is the perfect fashion accessory because is looks great, feels great and totally protects me from the sun. I have one in every color - everyone should! -Diane A.

"sooooo comfy" 

I LOVE my Salli pants! They are soooooo comfy and are perfect to cover the tops of my feet and ankles when I sit on the dock.... my favorite place to spend a sunny afternoon :) -Ellen R.

"fabulous style!" 

I think the styles are fabulous. The Swing is so comfortable and attractive. I love wearing it! ... and just bought a second one :) I have recommended Sol La La to several friends and co-workers who take their personal style and sun protection seriously. -Robin S.

"LOVE the Scape!" 

I don't think a day has gone by on Fire Island when I didn't grab my Scape on my way out the door. It looks great with all my outfits and really protects me from the sun. I LOVE it as a scarf, as a cape, as a poncho! -Claire W.

"Sol O = grab and go" 

I keep inventing new ways to wear my Sol O. I never travel without it! -Lori B.

"flattering and sooooo soft" 

Beyond the sun protection and flattering style, the soft fabric is truly my favorite part about my Swing. It feels good against my skin. -Cathy G.

"just bought a Soma to match my Swings :)" 

Hello again :) I love my Swings so much, I came back for a matching Soma! Now I wear a lilac Soma with my lilac and black Swings. I have long curly hair and it looks great in this pretty headband - so much nicer than a ponytail - and it's so easy to change to a kerchief when I'm in the sun for a prolonged period of time. I am having so much fun with my Sol La La styles and I am getting lots of compliments. Telling all my friends! -Robin S.

"totally love my T" 

OMG...Lilac goes with everything! - black, white, blue, tan ... and my Sol La T is such fun to switch from front to back and back to front for completely different looks over shorts, jeans AND Salli pants! I love that I can protect the backs of my hands regardless of which Sol La T front I choose. I now have 3 Sol La La pieces and this is my fav! -Sue T.

"out east with my Sol La T" 

I love my Sol La T! I wear it in town, on the beach and poolside in the Hamptons. Finally, I have something that protects me from the sun and looks great! I'm telling all my friends. Thanks, Abby ;) -Robin D.

"love my Salli" 

The Salli looks great and is so comfortable. I bought it in every color :) -Carol V.