Create Your Own Sun-Safe Zen This Spring

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Nothing smells more like rejuvenation than a fresh spring rain bringing beautiful colors back to earth. We love all that spring resembles—starting fresh and refocusing our lives as warmer weather makes its way into longer daylight hours.

Find your center this spring by focusing on methods to promote your inner and outer wellness, like protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. We love finding ways to incorporate sun protection that brings us happiness and ahhh ... serenity! You, too, can create your own sun-safe zen this spring by building a morning-to-night sun-smart lifestyle.

  • To start our day, we apply SPF-infused foundation and moisturizer that make us feel beautiful before heading out of the house. Look for ones that are FDA-approved with natural ingredients ... and that smell scrumptious! 
  • When we’re picking our meals, we look for fruits and veggies that are packed with antioxidants! Antioxidants naturally boost sun protection and are excellent cancer-fighters.
  • Our favorite way to protect our skin, and the most successful, is wearing sun-safe accessories! Just like we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, donning UPF-protective accessories, like an infinity scarf, cape or shrug, keeps our skin looking radiant, and not to mention, stylish! Sol La La’s Sansol™ fabric blocks the sun’s damaging rays from reaching your skin while other fabrics allow those rays to penetrate the skin.
  • Yoga is another way we like to protect our skin. Being mindful of your body by relieving stress, can keep your skin smooth and healthy. Stress can be a big contributor to skin irritations!

Doing something once makes it hard to stick, but building it into our lifestyle not only makes it a breeze, but helps us feel calm and rejuvenated. We hope you too, will join our sun-safe zen this spring.

- The Sol La La Team


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