Spring Break: Sun Myths and SolTips

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Swing at the beach


As Sol Sisters prepare for sunny vacations (to exotic locations) and stay-cations (planting garden creations) there are two sun myths we’d like to debunk.

First: "All sun protection is good for you" - false! Some chemical sunscreen ingredients can penetrate the skin and absorb UV radiation through their chemical bonds - yuck! SolTip1: Choose sunscreens with ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide that reflect UV rays. We recommend Fair & Fashionable's BB+ Cream, rated SPF 40.

Second: “After age 40, SPF is pointless” - also false! As we age, our skin becomes more susceptible to sunburns. Most skin cancers happen from prolonged sun exposure over time. So, it’s crucial to keep protecting your skin as you age.

Now that your myth-free, here’s our SolTip2: Pack your fave Sol La La style!  We love a lilac Sol La T over white shorts or an iris Sol O over a floral sundress.  Sol La La styles are your fashion alternative to sunscreen because they are designed to enhance your personal sun-style and provide sun protection just when you need it.

Step into the sun, Sol Sisters, and have fun this spring break!

- The Sol La La Team


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