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"I adore my Sol La La styles! They're cut great, look amazing,
and are so soft. I love the fabric, and I won't travel without them." - Lori B.

Sun safe Sol O scarf paired with white shorts and white tank top

Lori has been a sun protection devotee for years — protecting herself every chance she gets!

A recent melanoma scare had her slathering on sunscreen multiple times a day, but Lori doesn’t like all those chemicals. We introduced her to Sol La La accessories and now, she won’t travel or live without them!

Lori makes frequent trips between Los Angeles to see her daughter, New York City for business and Florida to get away. Do you know what’s always in her bag? You’ve got it. Her Sol La T, Sol O and Sqape. Lori says, “I only take carry on when I fly, so every piece of clothing has to count.” Her Sol La La pieces have earned their carry on space because they keep her looking stylish and enhance all of her outfits.

Lori thinks it’s important to wear UV protection while hiking, driving (especially on your left arm), running errands and everything else in between. Being able to throw her Sol La La accessories in the wash and not worry about them fading or losing shape also makes them ideal pieces for this bicoastal “sol sister.”

We love Lori’s sun-smart enthusiasm and are glad she’s advocating for women to #stepintothesun with us.

- The Sol La La Team

More about Lori B.

From: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami
Sol La La favorite style(s): Sol La T, Sol O, Sqape

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