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"The fabric is soft, the styling is pretty and I love the color! ...
he UV protection of the Sol La La material is also very important to me." - Hope E.

UPF protective Sol O scarf and Soma headband

Doctors Without Borders sent Hope on a mission to Myanmar, where the weather forecast is ‘sunshine’ for eight months of the year (with three to four months being extremely hot). She’s a project coordinator helping to serve 17,000 HIV patients — the kind of good-hearted and talented friend we all love to have.

The sun can be very intense in Myanmar, she tells us, so most people carry umbrellas year round for protection. They also carry swaths of material to cover their heads during the hottest months of the year. Hope wears her Sol O when she is off mission and out sightseeing. “It’s the perfect piece!” she exclaimed. During the three to four months of winter sun Hope drapes her Sol O around her when she’s outside relaxing and reading on the patio because the UV rays are still very strong.

“I have been cautioned by MDs to take extra care to protect myself from the sun (so of course I work in the tropics or in sub-Saharan Africa) as I have had prolonged exposure to sun and am pre-skin cancerous (meaning that my chance of getting skin cancer is greater than most fair skinned people due to past exposure and age), so the UV protection of the Sol La La material is very important to me,” Hope shared.

When Hope journeys outside, she takes along her rose color Sol O. She doesn’t spend too much time outdoors because it’s often brutally hot and the mosquitos might carry dengue. She enjoys making a fashion statement while being protected when walking around the city. Recently, she and her Sol O visited the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and the temples at Old Bagan. She said, “the fabric is soft, the styling is pretty and I love the color!”

Sol La La is trending in Myanmar. One of Hope’s Doctors Without Borders’ colleagues is dying to borrow her Sol O for her hiking excursions through the rice fields and parks.

Thanks for bringing Sol La La across borders, Hope! We’ll be sure to let your friend know when Sol La La ships to Myanmar. #stepintothesun

- The Sol La La Team

More about Hope E. 

From: Connecticut & Myanmar
Favorite Sol La La style: Sol O

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