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July and August provide our fave combo of sunshine and outdoor fun, which makes NOW the perfect time of year to help raise UV Awareness! One way we’re encouraging Sol Sisters is with 15 percent off (code SOL15) and free shipping!

We’re also sponsoring the new UV Forecast on Fox5's daily on-air and online weather reports. San Diego ranks among the top cities for the greatest number of Extreme UV Index days a year. An Extreme UV Index means skin can burn within minutes of sun exposure (ouch!) and calls for UPF protective clothing.

That’s where Sol La La comes in! Like you wear stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, now you can add Sol La La accessories to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. We like to keep the lightweight cape or scarf in our bag for those Sol Ops (sun-style opportunities)!

We encourage you to check your UV Index every morning to know just how much sun protection you’ll need. It’s super simple with the 'EPA’s SunWise UV Index' app on the Apple store or Google Play. We keep our UV Index app next to our weather app and check both when we’re picking out summer outfits.

Whether you’re in San Diego, or any zip code this summer, Sol La La is your online boutique for sun protection and style perfection. Check out some of our most popular styles: the Sol La T, a soft, lightweight long sleeve T and the Salli, a cozy, comfortable palazzo pant.

We are so delighted to partner with Fox5 to bring important sun protection information to San Diego residents! And are thrilled to bring sun smart styling to Sol Sisters every where.

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The Sol La La Team

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