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Sunglasses and UPF clothing for a sun-safe summer

Have you ever thoroughly applied sunscreen (or so you thought) and ended up with strips of stoplight-red sunburn on your body and face? Turns out you’re not alone!

People miss 10 percent of their face during sunscreen application, according to research presented at the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual conference. This finding coincides with the most common place for skin cancer to develop — you guessed it, the face!

Researchers asked 57 participants to apply sun block with no further instructions. (What more instruction should you need?) They then used a special UV camera to analyze where the participants in the study applied sunscreen, which revealed 97 percent of participants missed the inner corner of the eye and bridge of the nose where skin cancer often occurs.

We know sunscreen stings when it gets in your eyes so it’s tempting not to apply it there, but if done carefully you can be sting and burn free. We recommend these Sol Tips for staying extra sun-safe (and sunburn free) this summer!

Sol Tips

  1. Turn your camera on selfie mode and use a pinky finger to apply sunscreen to those small delicate spots near your eyes.
  2. Wear sunglasses! Cool shades are a great (and stylish) way to protect not only the bridge of your nose and eyelids from sunburn, but also your eyeballs. Yes, you can actually sunburn your eyes! Be sure sunglass lenses are rated to provide UV protection.

Like we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun, Sol La La accessories can be added to summer outfits to protect skin from dangerous UV rays — just slip one on when you step into the sun. Our soft, lightweight SansolTM fabric blocks 97 percent of the sun’s dangerous rays in style! Sol La La pieces are the perfect pop of color to complement your summer wardrobe.

Stay cool in style and protect your delicate skin in the dog days of summer. And, make sure not to miss a spot with sunscreen!

- The Sol La La Team

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